Betty Teapots

Brown Betty Tea Cups - Set of 6

What better way to enjoy the delicious tea from your Brown Betty Teapot than with these Brown Betty Tea Cups? Sized like a mug (10 oz.) in the same rich, dark chocolate brown rockingham glaze of the Brown Betty Teapot, you'll love having this Brown Betty Tea Cup set to serve and enjoy with tea. 


We are proud to be an online distributor of the ORIGINAL Brown Betty Teapot and the ORIGINAL Cobalt Betty Teapot. When we say ORIGINAL, what do we mean? We mean we sell the only Betty Teapots on the market made on English soil, from English soil, reconstructed from an original English design and glaze recipe. This is not a knockoff made from a factory in Asia. It is authentically and proudly designed and crafted in England. And we are proud to offer it for your purchase here.

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